Youth Church

The Youth Church caters for all ages from birth (in the Crèche) right up to when a young person leaves school at 17 or 18.  By that time, it is hoped that the seeds of a Christian faith have been planted and nurtured by the committed staff, lead by Superintendent Karen Gillon.


The mains aims of the Youth Church are:

  • to create a happy, caring and safe environment for our young people.
  • to help the young people of our church to grow up in the knowledge of Jesus Christ amd to make an informed decision, when appropriate, to follow Him.
  • to support parents/grandparents/guardians as they bring up their children in the Christian Faith.
  • to provide a Christian education appropriate to the age group of each child.
  • to involve our young people in the life and worship of the congregation.
  • to reach out to children with no church connection.


Catering for children under 3, the crèche meets in the downstairs Crèche room during the morning service.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to participate in a supervision rota.

Sunday School

This section is for children at Primary School. There are two sub-groups:

  • Juniors (for children aged 5 to 8 at Primary school)
  • Seniors (for children aged 8 to 12 at Primary school)

These groups meet initially at the morning worship, after which they continue in the Large Hall until the end of worship.  A variety of activities take place.  Children can come along any Sunday, but a brief registration/consent form must be completed.


For young people at Secondary School.  LINK is an acronym for Living IN the Knowledge of Jesus. The group leaves the church after the minister's address.  A variety of activities and discussion are involved.