Our Mission Statement

The purpose of St John's is to -

  • worship God
  • help people to come to faith in Jesus Christ
  • help them grow in faith and go out in service

Monthly Prayer - April

Dear God

Thank you for all your mercies that have brought us into the month of April.  Thank you for sustaining us by your grace through the month of March and for all your help as we continue to seek for the growth and expansion of your Kingdom.

We pray dear Lord, that in this month, you will give us; eyes to see and perceive; ears to hear and listen; hands to work and create, minds to think and innovate; memories to remember and learn from; and hearts to love and worship.

As we journey through Lent, the passion of our Lord and wait for the joy which Easter brings, may you O God, shine your truth upon the dark corners of our lives.  May your light shine upon our fears and worries and within the shadowed areas of our hurts.  May your eternal light reveal God's beautiful promises and bring peace that surpasses understanding.

We ask all these in Christ's name.


Hiring Our Accommodation

Our halls and other accommodation may be hired for meetings, classes etc.

For details of availability and charges, please click the link below to contact us.

Come and Join Us

If you live locally, and have no other church connection, we extend a warm invitation for you to come and worship with us. Click here for details of Normal Worship Times, or check out the What's Happening column on the left for details of any upcoming special services.