St John's and Covid-19

Updated: 3 April 2020

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It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that, during the current Covid-19 emergency, the Church of Scotland, has taken the decision to cancel all gatherings for worship until further notice.  In addition, all activities in our halls are also cancelled.

While St John's buildings remain closed, a mini-service will be posted on-line at the normal service time of 11:00 am each Sunday morning until further notice.  This service will last about 20 minutes and be, essentially, what would have been in the "proper" morning service less congregational contributions.

Visit the Recordings Page to listen to these mini-services.

The decision to cancel church services will also have an impact on funerals.  However our minister will still be able to conduct services at the graveside or crematorium in line with the advice from Funeral Directors and their associations.  We are fully committed to supporting families through this difficult time.

This is an unprecedented move by the Church of Scotland at a time when we face an unprecedented crisis.  We ask for your prayers for all those affected by Covid-19.  Let us love our neighbours as ourselves, help the most vulnerable during these challenging times and pray for our Government and nation, for each other, and especially for those who work in our health and emergency services.

Generosity in Adversity

From the Church of Scotland Website

In the midst of the current global and economic crisis our church buildings may be closed but the work of the National Church goes on.  The regular, committed and generous giving of our members is necessary to support and sustain that work.  Together we can ensure that the Church - that's all of us - continues to demonstrate God's generosity, faithfulness and love.  If ever the Church has been needed in our communities, it is now.

To read more about this, visit the Church of Scotland's website.

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Colin Sinclair offers a prayer as we face this new challenge.  Read it here.

If you require any assistance then please get in touch with us via the "Contact Us" page.


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