News from St John's

World Day of Prayer 2021

Until last year on (or near) the first Friday in March, Christians around the world of all ages gather in small groups and large congregations using the same basic form of worship, written by women of a different country each year on a theme chosen by the World Day of Prayer International Committee.  Covid19 restrictions on meeting others means that this year, the World Day of Prayer has moved on-line.

This year, the theme is Build on a Strong Foundation, and has been prepared by Christian women of Vanuatu.  Kirkton Church will host a service for World Day of Prayer.  The service will be available on Kirkton Church's website from 10:00 am on Friday 5 March 2021.

We pray with the women of Vanuatu

  • for their everyday struggle with food production
  • with caring for their environment
  • for the education of their children
  • for peace in their nation
  • that all may live in unity, in love and peace

Further information may be obtained by visiting the World Day of Prayer - Scotland website.