News from St John's

Virtual Time for Fellowship

A trial Time for Fellowship via Zoom was held on Sunday 14 February 2021.  Assuming that members of the congregation were viewing the on-line service beginning at 11:00 am, the Time for Fellowship was timed to start just after the on-line service ended, at 11:45am.

There were 8 separate log-ins and a total of 17 people took part.

To start, there was a short time of chat between all the attendees, during which Elijah was congratulated on his 5 years of ministry in St John's.  To commemorate this, Session Clerk, John Blair, produced a cake with 5 candles on it.  Unfortunately, due to the lockdown rules, it was not possible to deliver the cake to Elijah and John felt obliged to eat it for him!

After the short time all together, those attending were split into two "rooms" to emulate the separate tables in real-life Time for Fellowship and to facilitate chat.  In Room 1, the discussion focussed on the food bank and home-schooling.  In Room 2 the talk was of vaccinations, lockdown isolation and exercise.  The use of Zoom, or similar, to bring people together socially was a common idea.

After about 20 minutes (enough time to drink a cup of coffee!), everyone was brought back together to say goodbye.  It was agreed that the experiment had been reasonably successful and that vTFF would be held next week as well.  Anyone wishing to attend who is not on the mailing list, should contact us for access details.