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Normally, about this time of year, we have a visit from Jim McIntyre, Project Leader at Street Level, to bring the congregation up to date about what has been happening.  With the Covid-19 lockdown, this has not been possible.  The following message is taken from Street Level's Pentecost Newsletter:

A Message from Our Chairperson

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When we closed the doors of Street Level on 20th March due to the Covid 19 pandemic and we said cheerio to the kids not knowing for sure when we would see them again, it was hard. Some of these kids had been coming to Street Level every day. It was a huge part of their lives, and now it was gone!

Or so it appeared. But the work goes on, making use of social media platforms to keep in touch, and to enable conversations online with the young people. We have also been developing relationships with parents as well as maintaining the links with the young people. I have been hugely impressed by the energy, innovation and commitment of the team that has been forged between Street Level and Universal Connections.

All this is possible because unlike some other charities our funding is mostly secure. So a big thank you to those who give regularly through standing order, to Choices charity shop and to South Lanarkshire Council for grant support.

John Wilcox - Chair

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