News from St John's

Virtual Bible Study

A Virtual Bible Study was held, via Zoom, on Thursday, 11 June.  This was the first in a weekly series of Studies.

Led by Charlie and Janice Webster, at least 20 members signed in to take part.  As the first venture of this kind, the attendees pronounced the event a fair start and looked forward to the following week's Study.

The study was on the first two chapters of Acts, asking the questions:

  • Would Luke's account in Acts chapters 1 and 2 be considered as Fake News today?
  • How can our faith be strengthened as in the early church?
  • How can we help to grow God's church in today's world with all the current challenges?

Next week's Study, on Thursday 18 June, will cover Acts chapters 3 and 4.  Details on how to sign in and questions to consider will be emailed out on Monday, 15 June.

Any member or friend of the congregation who is not already on our mailing list and would like to be should contact us and we will add you to the list..